Since the mid 1980s, IBDF's founder and President Garry Egan has been a provider of Internet Business Consulting Solutions to the small-to-medium-sized enterprise markets (SMEs) all over the world. Using his sales and Worldwide Sourcing™ system, our franchisees will deliver thousands of profitable Internet Business Solutions to businesses worldwide. IBDF is a privately held company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. We know thousands of networked professionals serving local markets in 87 countries, making us the world’s largest growing network of Internet Consultants and is the Top Growing Internet Technology Services Franchise.

Our name stands for Internet Business Developers Franchise™ and it represents our commitment to easy entry toone of America's top growth markets. Both our customers and franchisees deliver affordable, expert-level Internet Business Solutions that not only work, but are best of breed.


Internet Business Development : A IBDF franchise is an Internet business opportunity that offers expert level Internet Business Development Solutions to small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As a franchise owner you will be trained, certified and supported as a IBDF Internet Business Consultant (IBC); an Internet Business Consultant who specializes in making companies accelerate their business growth by introducing cutting edge Search Engine Optimization and Social Marketing solutions engineered by the top professionals in the industry.

This includes building better websites, and strategies for attracting more qualified visitors and converting them to paying customers.

There is significant demand in the SME Search Engine Optimization business. Ffor Internet Marketing Solutions, there is PPC. The Internet Business Developer would hen offer PPC Management services. If that doesn;t work out. The Developer would then offer PPC Landing pages. Then that doesnt work out, then Organic placement is best. Each one of these necessary steps takes about 6-12 months so you can see even with a moderate client base, a recurring stable income is available. Internet business consulting methods allow any business to attract more qualified customers for less cost than traditional advertising channels, but few SMEs have

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the knowledge or experience to take advantage of these methods themselves. Clients will rely on your Internet business development advice, expertise and resources to help them succeed both online and on-site.

For Phase I Members: Your membership fee entitles you to 5 days full 1 on 1 training at your home of office, or hotel conference room. Call me for additional details or click here.

Online ads expected to generate $19 billion by 2014.

Source: Jupiter Research


There are many advantages to a IBDF franchise, some of which are unique to this business!

Minimal Overhead: Unlike many other franchises, you don’t need to lease an expensive retail storefrontm of loft $50,000 entry fee to get started. Our Phase I entry is under $10,000 and you get experts helping you along the way. Not Indian or people named Omar with thick accents. Good ole' red-blodded USA people here. Legally accoutable and excited to help fellow Americans. Call for free advice, since you seem so interested! You can operate your Internet Business Development franchise comfortably from a home office if you choose, with little to no added expense. We operate from the golf course, race track, game room, bar, etc. Don't mean to brag but we are good at what we do and we like to 'automate' our money. You also don’t need to invest in any specialized equipment beyond a laptop computer with basic business software and Internet access.

No Inventory: Because you’re offering Internet-based business products and Internet business consulting services there’s no inventory to purchase. This allows you spend your time on what you are best at. Getting business and closing deaks. When you get good, you'll be able to increase your margins.

As an Internet-based company, you'll practice what you preach and that means you'll use the Internet to maximize your franchise's profitability. You will aggregate suppliers, organiza timelines, and calculate margins. This all comes down to reducing your operating costs and communicate with clients and vendors most efficiently.

Our systems represent combined multi-million dollar investments from thousands of networked professionals and gives you the freedom to operate your business from any location that has an Internet connection. This secure online system integrates your Client Relationship Management and sales functions, business operation resources, communications with vendors and our Home Office into one Web-based control center. This degree of flexibility for franchisees is unheard of in the franchise industry.

These factors alone make a IBDF franchise accessible and an excellent value. And that is before we discuss our proven business models. Depending on your skill level, you'll start small with a niche market like web graphic logo design. Then when you get that makret down, you'll move to full-blown web design. Next you'll mature to SEO copywriting and integrate that into yoiur web-design. More steps... But you get the idea. When you become an EXPERT and can take it all in house, then the big bucks roll in.

Extremely High-Growth Market: Our support structure has been developed to help you sell products and services that offer clear benefits to any business while offering you excellent profit potential in the exploding Internet Business Development Franchise industry.

Jupiter Research is projecting that online ads generate $19 billion in ad revenue by 2014. This trend makes traditional media outlets adjusting their budgets to allow Internet marketing and alotting spending that was previously dedicated to TV, radio and print.

A IBDF Internet Business Development franchise is an opportunity for you to capture your share of this significant growth industry.


At the heart of our business model is our Worldwide Sourcing™ system. This is a redundant supply supply chain of qualified Internet resource providers, application development centers and support specialists working with IBDF.

The IBDF Global Outsourcing system is not unique in the Internet marketing industry and the concept has been proven many times over by companies like IBM, Microsoft and General Electric. By joining IBDF you will enjoy preferred access and discounted wholesale rates to a variety of Internet products, graphic designers, PHP and .NET application developers, Search Engine Marketing engineers, and other Internet Business Consultants, all expert staff. No novices here. We are all a team, a consortium.

The outsourcing solutions deployed by IBDF Consultants are much less expensive than other providers who over-charge for their half-baked solutions. In fact, this system is a great competitive advantage.

Because the network is so large, the costs of research and development, technical production and specialized services are shared among all of our Internet Business Development Franchisees, allowing them to pass savings onto clients. Compare this to the typical local Web developer who has to factor in this high expense for all of their development costs on an individual basis.

Tying everything together is our IBDF PM System™, an extranet and project management solution that allows Consultants, Suppliers and IBDF Staff to connect and exchange information online in a managed environment. In addition to tracking projects through every stage of the production process, IBDF PM System™ gives IBDF Consultants access to business resources, website hosting and graphics designers, flash develoers, search engine optimization engineers (experts, no novices), SEO tools, billing information tools, and more. We have aggregrated this system for our franchisees to maximize their productivity and help them stay focused on serving clients and not wrestling with backend business admin duties or going back and forth between systems.

All you need to access IBDF PM System™ and your developer is a computer and an Internet connection, allowing you to operate your business effectively from just about anywhere, at any time of day. It’s why our franchisees sometimes refer to IBDF as the “Freedom Franchise”, as they aren’t locked down to a set schedule or chained to a storefront.



Like any aspect of business, achieving success online takes a great deal of planning, focus and a thorough understanding of the technologies and techniques that have been proven to work. Through our many years of experience in the industry, we’ve compiled a detailed set of processes and best practices that outline what it takes to develop an effective Internet Marketing Solution. While you’ll learn all about these practices during your training on the Lifecycle consultation methodology, we recognize that many clients who aren’t necessarily Internet savvy can find these cutting- edge concepts difficult to grasp.

To help anyone understand what it is our Internet Business Consultants do (and why it’s worthwhile to invest in our solutions) we’ve developed the ABCs of Internet Marketing Success. Many of our existing franchisees use the ABCs when making presentations to their networking groups, Chambers of Commerce, even at trade shows and seminars. It’s proven to be an effective, easy-to-digest method of explaining the benefits of the IBDF process and is featured in many of our marketing materials.

Here is an overview of the ABCs. Once you’ve learned them you’ll be able to simplify Internet marketing for anyone!

Before a business can take full advantage of Internet marketing, it needs to establish a presence online. This is the first step in our ABCs of Internet Marketing Success.

When it comes to delivering Website Solutions, affordability and efficiency are two important concerns for us because they’re important to our clients. That’s why we use cutting edge technology to build business-class websites that need no technical staff to maintain, that generate revenue during all hours of the day and are easily found by consumers within our clients’ target markets.

Seeing increasing demand for business-focused websites that could be deployed quickly, without sacrificing quality or features, IBDF has invested significantly in advanced Worldwide Sourcing™. Through extensive customer research we’ve identified which features the majority of businesses need for an effective website. We then built an entire library of those feature components in advance so they’re ready to go when needed. Using our MDT solution approach, we can quickly assemble a wide variety of website solutions by using any combination of these features based on a client’s specific needs.

We start here because a well-designed website is crucial to enhancing a business’ brand image. A website has the power to make a small business look bigger, building consumer confidence and increasing their willingness to buy. Regardless of what type of client you’re working for, whether they’re a manufacturing company or retail establishment, you’ll be able to deliver the right solution that meets all of their needs.



We don’t expect our franchisees to be Internet experts from day one, only that they’re willing to learn and follow our proven systems.

We’re proud to offer our franchisees one of the most comprehensive training packages offered in the franchise industry today. You bring an interest in assisting businesses to become more profitable and a desire to be part of a force that’s changing the world of business, and we’ll provide the knowledge and tools it takes to become a certified Internet Business Consultant.

We know it has probably been a while since you’ve had to hit the books and study for exams, so we’ve designed our progressive training program with the adult learner in mind. Rather than throw everything at you all at once, we’ll take you through a unique multi-stage training system developed and delivered by experienced educators. We combine e-Learning using our own proprietary software with traditional workbook exercises, practical hands- on assignments and live business scenario role-play exercises. This varied approach is fun, engaging and most of all effective.

Throughout this section we’ll describe in more detail how our training program works and what you can expect each step of the way.




IBDF’s exclusive points system to a healthy Internet business franchise opportunity.

A key component of the Quick Start Program (see previous section) is the SUCCESS 10 Plan. SUCCESS 10 specifies weekly action steps that an Internet Business Consultant must execute to establish routines that ultimately lead to sales and strong relationships with clients.

All of your regular business activities such as networking, giving presentations, managing projects and so on are clearly defined and assigned a certain number of points. For every action step that is executed, you earn its corresponding number of points which are then tracked using the SUCCESS 10 scoring tool. Your goal is to perform at least 10 points worth of activities each week to ensure a healthy business.

Your weekly score is like the pulse of your business. While you’re in the QSP it allows your Coach to monitor your progress and help you put the right habits into place, habits that will last you through the life of your franchise.

Some weeks may be heavy prospecting weeks, while other weeks may focus on following-up on those initiatives. At times, you may be busy with client meetings and writing proposals, and other weeks may be concentrated on business administration.

It is essential to keep a balance and ensure that your sales funnel is continually filling. By following the SUCCESS 10 plan nothing is left to random chance; this system will help you to stay focused, organized and execute your important day-to-day priorities consistently.

We’ve stated earlier that the “you factor” is an important element in making the IBDF system work. If you buy a cake mix and then decide to only add half the amount of water as required by the directions, you can’t expect the cake to bake. We created SUCCESS 10 as a means to measure whether or not you’re bringing the appropriate “you factor” required to run the business.

It sounds simple, but this thoroughly researched and proven business activity methodology is another exclusive component of the IBDF Proven System.





As your practical knowledge and experience as an Internet Business Consultant grows, you’ll be ready to learn more advanced concepts. To meet that need and keep you on the cutting-edge of Internet marketing trends we’ve created the Advanced Internet Marketing course and certification program.

Our AIM program is designed to take you and the operations of your franchise business to the next level. Because this course deals with advanced Internet marketing strategies and techniques, it requires a certain level of experience working as an Internet Business Consultant. To qualify, you must have revenue of at least $30,000 USD or have been in operation for at least 90 days (whichever is the later of the two) and be ready to integrate more advanced operational and service offerings into your business.

Based on the analysis of sales made by Internet Business Consultants in the Quick Start Program (QSP), we have identified four key areas of Internet marketing tactics that are increasing the profitability of many Internet Business Consultants.

By participating in this course you will learn advanced techniques for:

Over a six month period you will work with a designated Coach—as you did in the QSP—to focus on more advanced Internet marketing skills and knowledge.

After successful completion of this course you will earn the right to display the AIM Certification seal on your business cards and other promotional materials as an indication of your high level of knowledge and qualifications.

There is no additional cost for the AIM Coaching program or Certification, it is offered to all new qualifying franchisees.

Become certified and generating even more revenue.

Further enhancing the profitability of your clients Building more recurring revenue to maximize the equity of your business.




Becoming part of the IBDF community means more than just a rewarding business opportunity. You’ll be joining a growing network of like-minded professionals with varied and distinguished backgrounds, many of which gather each year at our Search Engine Marketing conferences.

The goal of these conferences is to leverage the collective successes of the franchisee network by sharing best practices, and giving everyone a chance to meet and trade stories from the field.

Held throughout the year in different international locations, each conference plays host to a number of experienced presenters and exceptional keynote speakers who are leaders in the field of Internet Marketing. Many are IBDF Internet Business Consultants who have introduced an innovative concept or practice to their business that has allowed them to consistently achieve greater profitability.

Attending a Search Engine Marketing onference is an enriching experience and many of our franchisees try to make it to at least one each year. For those times where you can’t attend, we also broadcast the blogs live over the Web, and archive the articles for later viewing.